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ANOTHER Personal Best GATOR !!!

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Awarded by , 01-02-2018 at 11:15 AM (429 Views)
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Man what a year for BIG TROUT! In the 5 years I have targeted trout I have been within tenths of 24" quite a few times and all of a sudden this year I break the barrier and it's on. Unbelievable is the best way I can describe it.

Yesterday I was torn on which way to go, I really wanted to see some new scenery but I was also experimenting with my motor raising it up on my transom and testing rpm's for a new prop. With all that going on I took the safe route and stayed in the Topsail area.

Put in at 9 am and the sunshine felt good to me and Timmy. Pulled into our spot and someone saw me coming and he raced to get the spot I wanted. Oh well let's go this way. We eased on down casting and I get a bump but no takers. Few more casts and a nice keeper hooks up, alright we're on now! Eased on down and sling the xr8 as far as I could and let it sink, twitch twitch and BAMALAMMM. Fish on! He nailed it hard and ran deep and away turning the front of the boat as he went, felt like a sleigh ride. We've got us a good fish what ever he is. This fish stayed deep in 10 ft and never turned back, peeling drag big time. Finally put enough pressure on him and now he's running side to side but he's not coming off the bottom and still peeling drag, I could feel the line bump his tail 3-4 times as he turned and went the other way. Each time I was afraid he was going to pull the hook. It seemed like it went on forever, back and forth, I was so afraid he was going to tangle me up and I told Timmy I was going to try and get him up off the bottom if I could. I finally got him close to the surface and I told Timmy to look and see what it is in case I lose him and I was really expecting a 30+ inch drum. I never had a head shake to indicate it was a trout. When the fish came to the surface I couldn't believe it when I saw a long lanky speckled trout swimming through the water like a chicken snake. Long and lanky and when he turned toward the net all I could see was a big ole yellar mouth full of teeth. Timmy scooped the net under him and put him in the boat. Knuckle bump sealed the deal.

Whew, never saw this coming. Fish was 27.5" long, 13.5 girth and 6 lb 7 oz.
Fun day with Timmy and looking forward to the next trip after this artic blast passes through.

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