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Belews Creek: Float-n-Fly Time!

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When the other local lakes get so cold as to make fishing extra difficult I start heading to Belews Creek. I enjoy winter fishing there because I usually catch something and it allows me to indulge my obsession for catching fish on the float-n-fly. I contracted FnF madness several years ago in Tennessee fishing for Smallmouth. You need to have deep clear water for it to work and Belews is the most suitable lake close to me. I got out to the lake 3 times around Christmas and had pretty good success.

Trip-1: Caught 10 fish, 9 on FnF. Got bites in multiple areas but docks and wood were the most effective. Some small fish but several quality sized fish. Mostly spots with a couple LM. Highlight was an almost 3 lb spot on the FnF (pic below). My 2nd biggest spotted bass. Water temps 55-57
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Trip-2: Caught 10 all on FnF. Couldnít find a bite on wood but the docks still produced. Size not as good but most all were big enough to put up a good fight. Water temps 55-57

Trip-3: Caught 3 all on FnF and hooked 2 that got off. Water temp dropped quite a bit from the previous trips (53-55) and the bite was much slower. Bites on wood and docks. A strong West wind kicked up and ruined the areas where I was having success and I didnít get another bite the rest of the day. All 3 fish were 12Ē or better anchored by an 18Ē LM.

It isnít the only technique that works and I have thrown swimbaits, jerkbaits, tailspinners, and spoons but FnF is my wintertime equivalent to a spinnerbait. If theyíll bite it I wonít put it down.

If you are interested you can look up rigging details online. Iím fishing a 7-8 foot leader and I use 1/16 oz craft hair and feather jigs (pic below of one that I made). You could just as easily use a gulp minnow, or plastic trailer but Iím partial to the hair jigs. As for rods, I have an 8.5 foot FnF rod but that is to throw longer leaders. I think with 7-8 ft leaders you could easily use a 7.5 or even a 7 ft spinning rod. Fly rods and crappie rods would also work fine.
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General Lake Comments:

The lake has been affected by the drought and is probably 2-3 feet low but being so deep I donít see how this could impact it much. I have observed some topwater action but not much, although I've not bee out there before 9AM so there could be an early morning topwater bite. There is bait to be found but I have not found any areas with a massive concentration like some previous years.


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    Nice fish, congrats!