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Feb. fishing still HOT.

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Awarded by , 02-15-2009 at 11:53 PM (1072 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Capt. Ray
Finally getting a day to write a report and post some pictures. Iím sorry, but some of our photoís didnít make it, due to saltwater in the camera. (They are just funny about that). Anyway, the stripers have been getting fatter. My last trip with Bill, Will, and Nanna we started out the day with 25-30lb fish, but ended with fish over 40lbs.

Most fish are being tossed back, especially the bigger ones. Iíve tried to tell most clients that the smaller fish taste better and we need to keep the bigger spawning stock in the ocean for the future. Several other captains and myself find it hard to believe that marine fisheries let trawlers throw 15-25lb stripers overboard with most floating, just to keep bigger fish. Why not let them keep a certain poundage, then close the season.

OK , now Iíve vented and on with the report. The stripers have finally moved closer to the inlet. Trolling seems to have the best results, but jigging is most the exciting way to catch them. Iíve heard of a few fish caught around the Oregon Inlet bridge, but I havenít had any luck. I havenít heard of any reports coming out of Mannís harbor or any offshore report out of Oregon Inlet. Out of Hatteras, some Blackfin tuna and King Mackerel. I do have some dates open for rockfish trips. Get them while they are still here and booking trip for this spring now. Reserve now for the best dates.

Thanks, Ray


  1. Topsail Angler's Avatar
    Very nice! Thanks for the report and pictures. We still hope to get up and fish with you next month, I'll gie you a call this week.
  2. ReelMusic's Avatar
    Are the Stripers still near the Bonner Bridge at Oregen Inlet?

  3. Capt. Ray's Avatar
    No, you have to go out in the ocean and either look for diving birds over fish or just go to a few areas that hold fish & find the fish marks. Some days it's a lot of boat riding. Thanks, Ray