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if at first you don't succeed try try again

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The year started out slow finally getting out this last tuesday when I finally found some open water. Not a bite after two hours of trying a jig, texas rig, jerk bait, chatter bait and crank baits. Wednesday about the same but tried a deep diver at beaver dam and falls lake again no luck but did manage a bream nibble on a senko at Lynn. Thursday same result. Finally friday head up to a buddies pond and land a nice 1.5# however since his neighbor seem to complain, not sure why since I am on his property I only was able to fish for 20 minutes.

This morning headed out to Cary lake and headed right to a point we have had good luck with. My buddy and I tried jigs, senko, jerk baits and cranks to no avail. After 2 hours decided to head out but stop for 30 minutes at the exit pond. First cast with a jig my buddy gets himself a nice 2+. After 30 minutes decide need to move on to different body of water. Arrived at about 10:00 at a little pond. I start with a jerk bait but even shallow smith wick was bringing up leaves and pine straw. Meanwhile my buddy on his third was gets a 1# on a jog. I finally move back to a jig working the middle of the pond. No luck so I move toward the far right bank and start throwing from bank line out parallel to the bank. On 3rd cast I land about 15 feet from bank and drag the jig parallel to the far bank. I finally feel a thump so paused to see if it was a fish or just dropping of a ledge or bumping something. Notice the line tighten a little and release so figured might have a bass working the jig. I start seeing line tighten again and I lower the tip to set the hook and off the fish starts running and I miss the hookset. Kept working the area with the jig and finally with only about 15 minutes left the time I allotted for fishing decided to try a weightless texas rig green with red flake and red dyed tip. First cast I toss to same spot I missed on jig and dead sticked it white I put my gloves back on. As I am closing the bail I notice a twitch in the line but and the wind was moving the line a little as well. Pulled up a little of the slack waiting and finally got the indication had a fish working the worm. Finally got the tip set and rip the hookset and from the initial weight and drag immediately pulling I know I have a nice fish on. It surfaced and actually fought well for such cold waters and a nice 4.8# on the board!

I am gonna keep working that Jig since its my goal to be better at it and fish it more especially in these frigid waters. Still need to get hooksets since have only landed 2 jig bass and missed on 4 over the last year.
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