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Oak Hollow 2-25-18: New PB 9 lbs, 8 oz!

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Just before noon I hooked the biggest bass Iíve ever seen on the end of my line or anybody else that Iíve fished with. It wasnít what I imagined when daydreaming about a giant, but Iíll remember the details forever. Pics first then story below.

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I had high hopes for the day with the somewhat surprising success the previous week. The water was 55 at the ramp and I saw as high as 60. I headed straight to the area where I caught most of my fish last week and it was still muddy/heavily stained. I had fished for an hour without even a bump and was questioning what was happening. I had worked my way all the way to the back of a pocket and was showing about a foot under the trolling motor. I was getting ready to turn around and head back out, but I made one long cast with a chatterbait near a laydown but it was more of a fan cast. Several turns in the rod loaded but I never felt a hit. I set the hook and it didnít feel like a fish. Honestly, it felt like I was dragging a log that was intermittently grabbing on the bottom. After a moment I realized it actually was a fish. It came to the boat pretty quickly and I saw a big flash but no detail because of the water color. She ran for the bottom but with it so shallow she had nowhere to go. After two short runs she turned and came to the top and I finally saw just how large the fish was. As soon as I got her head out of the water she just kind of gave up and I grabbed her. I got her in the boat and the hook fell out of her mouth! I suppose, when it is your time to catch a big one you are going to catch it. Needless to say I was a mess. I clipped her to a fish gripper on a rope to keep her in the water and trolled out of the wind. I took photos, weighed and measured her (24.5Ē). She was tired after the ordeal so I took my time reviving her. After getting some water through her gills I supported her upright by the belly and when she was ready slowly swam away. Absolutely fantastic. This fish blew away my previous personal best (7-11) which I caught just 371 days ago. It may be the largest bass I ever touch and it will certainly be a huge challenge to top my new mark, but Iím looking forward to trying.

Itís impossible to have a bad day after catching a beast like that but it was slow for a long time. I finally caught a 2 lb fish on a jerkbait then things picked up a bit. Caught one dink on a squarebill, and caught 4 more on the chatterbait up to 2-10. My last fish was a nice crappie also on the chatterbait. With this much success so early in the year I couldnít be more excited about the next 6-8 weeks. Thanks for reading.

My lure (for those interested): Strike King Rage Blade. Ĺ oz with gold blade, chart skirt, tipped with a pearl Zoom Fluke Jr.
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