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Take the new generation fly fishing!

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Awarded by , 03-23-2009 at 10:40 AM (1271 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by bassasaurus rex
Bass Rex's angler of the week is ten year old Skyler Powell. This guy is getting serious with the fly rod. Skyler caught this Brown on Laurel creek this winter on a trip we took. After this trout he says he wants a trophy rainbow picture for his spring break from the new Cherokee water. So Skyler and his sister will be fishing with me for their spring break.

Please proceed to the 2nd page for the rest of this report.

Greetings from the mountains of Western North Carolina. As some of you know N.C. trout waters will be opening soon. Cherokee Reservation water opens the last weekend of March, and the State season opens on the 4th of April.

This open season is just for hatchery supported put and take water. Don't make the mistake of trying to take fish from Delayed Harvest waters or catch and release wild or trophy waters. From the 1st of OCTOBER to the 5th of June '09 you are not permitted to harvest any fish on Delayed Harvest. This is a hefty fine, so make sure you check the regulations of any water prior to making any trips.

With the new season, the stocked fish will be more than willing to accept any number of natural and artificial baits, lures, or flies. What a perfect time to take the new generation fishing. Fishing pressure will be quite heavy, so finding solitude for that advanced fly fisherman might be quite difficult. Do yourself a favor and take your children, grandchildren, neighbors kids, etc. fishing.

Lets teach our children the proper conservation techniques while out fishing. Take only what you will consume that night or next day. Trout does not freeze well, so getting in the habit of catch and release fishing really helps preserve a very important resource. When my children and I fish we sometimes keep a few, but we pride ourselves in the ones we release. I must admit nowadays my five y.o. daughter Jordyn usually wants to release them all, and most of the time I agree.

We also should place importance on not littering our lakes, and rivers. I can't tell you how many times I have been surprised by the things people leave on our state waters. I've seen everything from used diapers to worm containers on D.H. waters. Lets really place some emphasis on a no trace camping, or even hauling out others trash.

We set examples for our children. If we are the poachers....What will our children become? If we teach the proper angling techniques to our new generation maybe, just maybe their children might be the generation to be the ones to reap the benefits. Just some food for thought.

And finally my tip of the week.
Don't be afraid to try flies and nymphs with out the flash or bead. Sometimes the more natural selection of fly might be all that is needed to bring the big one in.

Best of luck out there, and lets see some reports.
Bassasaurus Rex,
Trout guy


  1. NCangler's Avatar
    Great entry Rex. Thank you!
  2. NCPIERMAN's Avatar
  3. ejtaylor822's Avatar
    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing - very good information. I agree, amazing what some people leave behind and WE are the examples our children will follow.

    Love the pics. I am hoping to get back "home" myself this year with fly rod in hand for some of those mount'n trout.

  4. rodneyg's Avatar
    That is one awesome trout, well done!
  5. Slowriser's Avatar
    Great Message REX. Nice looking kids. Reminds me of my two girls many years ago. They still love the outdoors, fishing, and my oldest even hunts with me some. Slapping that water is special. I love it from Ashe County all the way down into Tennessee. One of the rules that I have stressed to my children and many others is to leave the place "better than you found it." Sure is heart-breaking when you come across someone's carelessness. Plastics bottles, fishing line, plastic bags, and even dump sites along some of the remote mountain gravel roads. One person throws out a bottle and sooner than later there is a wash machine, water heater, and even a car. Just makes my hair stand on end. Keep up the good mission and by the way, nice bow.