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Friends, Fun and Fish

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Awarded by , 07-02-2018 at 10:35 AM (641 Views)
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After a week of great trout fishing with my UK-based buddy Matt, it was time for him to get ready for his return journey. First though, he wanted to swing through Raleigh and spend some time with a mutual friend of ours (who went to high school with Matt in South Africa). We got Matt packed up and ready and rolled into town late Saturday afternoon, but we kept the rods rigged up. You know, just in case. When we pulled in, the buddy suggested we kill a little time slingin' some bugs at Neuse River bass. I knew there was a reason we kept the rods strung up!

Our timing could have been better, as we showed up during the tail end of the tube hatch. The tubers and that late afternoon sun seemed to put the fish down. I wasn't even getting bream pecks on the deer hair frog I was tossing. The first couple of hours turned into casting practice and goofing off, broken only by the first (and hopefully the last) yellow belly slider I've ever caught on a popping bug. He ate the crap out of it. Go figure.

Once the tubers had all pushed through and the sun dropped low on the horizon, things began to feel a little more bassy. I moved a couple of little bucks on the frog, and started seeing evidence of bream activity. I had a blowup. An osprey circled overhead. Then nothing. Stillness reigned.

The stillness was broken by the crash of a big fish hitting something on top. I prospected the area around the eat with no luck. Then I began seeing other indications of activity. Nervous water. Small fish flipping. The osprey came back. All the signs of bass running bait. So I cut off the popper and tied on a clouser, and this turned out to be the ticket. In the end, I had as good a day river bassin' as I've ever had slinging the long rod. You can't beat a day of friends, fun and fish.

Cheers y'all!


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