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Drum - persistence pays off

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Awarded by , 08-27-2018 at 10:04 AM (1632 Views)
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Have made a few evening trips to the Adams Creek vicinity in the last couple of weeks coming up short. Plenty of Blue Fish and bait around - but no action on Drum.

Sunday morning Britgirl and I were split between heading to the salt or going out to nearer to home. Decided to try for a Drum again as we had a couple dozen fresh finger mullet that I had netted on Saturday at the cape. Late start putting in around 9am and we were on the anchor by 9.45. It was very calm to start and I had set up two poles with the cut bait and tried to sibiki some more bait. There were some signs of life around us, very small glass minnows and birds diving on them. Not much action on the sibiki and the soaking bait was doing just that - soaking.

First good strike came around 30 minutes which was a skate. Ok - not what we want but at least we had a bend in a pole. Refresh all the baits, sit back and relax, put on some music, have a coffee. Just nice to be out here not getting pounded by the wind......................BIG swirl about 10 yards off the stern. Could have been a Drum busting, grabbed the pole set with popping cork and airhead. Threw it out just behind the swirl and popped it one time. Fish hit it like a freight train and immediately took 50 yards of line - OMG this is going to be fun!!!! Heart pounding, Helen doing her best to get the poles in and keeping out of my way. Think we are going to be here a while. Long story short this fish fought like nothing I have ever known, must have taken at least 8 runs and every time I thought she was done she found another gear and took off again. Finally she came and gave up. Quick pics and back in the water. Swam off to go make more just like her. We had two more hits on the cut bait but failed to hook up. Britgirl will be wrangling with the next one - look forward to posting a pic of her in the near future.
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  1. lunkerbandit's Avatar
    That's a pretty fish! Just setting up our trip at the end of September around the full moon and here looking for tips to get bait and where to set up. We chartered a couple of years around the mouth but have our own salt worthy boat now. I love throwing the cast net if I can find em. Where can we buy cut bait between Oriental and Whortonsville anyone? We're staying up the creek near Whortonsville so I'm hoping the two shoals just outside there will pay off.