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Dr H fishes NYC waters

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I had to go see my aging Uncle in New York this week. I managed a day of fishing with the popular Cousin David. The water supply for New York City stretches 150 miles upstate. It was built in the early 1900's and the entire system is gravity fed. A series of huge reservoirs (NYC uses 150 Billion Gallons a day) are connected by small streams that are fed by the water at the bottom of the reservoirs via dams. What you get is pristine cold water that is in the high fifties even during summer. These streams flow about 2 miles and dump into the next reservoir in line. Starting in mid September a few wild browns from the reservoir will come up these artificial only streams. The streams hold typical small browns year round. My 84 year old Uncle loves trout and I am the only semi accomplished fisherman in the family. The pressure was on. After meeting a couple of fisherman who had no luck at the parking pull off we headed downstream and fished our way back, catching small browns on Panther Martin and Rooster Tail spinners. I was teaching David basic small stream tactics...low profile, slow quiet movement, holding areas and the need for accurate first casts etc. He had a blast and did well. But no keepers for my Uncle. Found a pothole pool in fast water. It was about 3 feet by 3 feet with small rapids on each side. This 18" buck brown hammered my white rooster tail. I had to run up to the pool to keep him from getting into the Rick filled rapids between me and him. Had no net but I managed to belly lift him. Mission accomplished!

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  1. pantherdev's Avatar
    A great time and story indeed.
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    Great pic and I gotta admit, it's cool to see your ugly mug on the main page when I log on
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    While I like reading about John... Isn't 2+ months a heck of a long time to have the same feature story?