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Back from the SKA Nationals

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Awarded by , 12-16-2009 at 12:48 PM (1205 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Capt. Ray

Well Iím finally back home fishing after an incredible time in Biloxi, MS., at the SKA National championship. We had a 12th place finish which wasnít as good as last year, but still in the top 20. Itís the only place Iíve ever fished, that the fish were really jumping out of the water. We caught more Kings there in one week, than I do here in a year. I canít wait to go back next year if we qualify.

Back on the home front, Striper fishing is heating up. A few are being caught around the inlet, but no one that I know has been out in the ocean looking. I guess itís time for a recon trip soon. If you are looking to go catch some Stripers, I do have some dates open the next several months. Hope everyone has a "Happy Holidays" & catch some fish.

Thanks, Ray


  1. KCastelin's Avatar
    Ray, I'm from Biloxi, MS. Just moved to Asheville almost 2 years ago. Man oh Man do i miss the Gulf Fishing Scene. I know what ya mean about those kings. And 12th place is darn good. Hope u enjoyed your trip to my home. Getting adjusted to wade fishing the rivers here, different type of fishing but wonderfull as well. How did the Casinos treat ya? hopefully you came home rich. LoL
  2. Topsail Angler's Avatar
    Congratulations on a top 20 finish!
  3. simplefisher89's Avatar
    i just came to jacksonville, nc from biloxi where i was stationed for a yr, the fishing there in the gulf is great, they also have some good spots for back bay fishing, i pulled in a 28 pound drum last time i was there, just a great time. congrats on the top 20 finish, looks to me that it was a blast.