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Offshore April 23rd and 24th

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Awarded by , 04-26-2010 at 07:49 AM (772 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by fishnwarrior
Had charters the 23rd and 24th. On 23rd went north and fished around 900 line in 67 degree water. Fished all the way out to 1000 fathoms. No bites till around 11am and then had four lines go down. One line broke off but we got the other three in the boat after a lenghth fight. Three nice yellowfin on the deck. Fished the rest of day and no bites. Headed home for the very long ride in some snotty seas. From what I could hear it was not a great day for anyone so we felt very lucky to have the one bite. Went south Saturday all the way down to Yellowfin hole. Fished out from the 500 line to 300 fathoms and 75 degree water with no bites. Got a call from a good friend that 71 degree water was at the 400 line over the break (50 fathoms) so fished that way with still no bites. We were getting in the lines to head home when the planner rod went off and boated a nice wahoo. Again a slow day for everyone with a few wahoo being caught. Hopefully the warmer water will work in and the fishing pick up soon. It is time so let's keep fishing.