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Offshore 5-1

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Awarded by , 05-02-2010 at 07:50 AM (848 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by fishnwarrior
Rather bumpy ride out Saturday but once there it turned out to be a beautiful day. 3 foot seas and 10 knot winds. Better ride in but got really rough from Knuckle in. The water over the break was still 69.5 and the water in the turning basin on my way in was 70.5. That is ridiculous for this time of year. Now to the fishing, all said and done we did pretty good. Sounded like another slow day for most. Put lines in at 420 line in 68 degree water at 40 fathoms. Started trolling out and towards Yellowfin Hole. At 10am we had two strikes, one on short rigger and one on planner. We boated one wahoo around 15 and one around 30. Fished south all the way to 370 line without a bite. Water never warmer than 71. Fished as deep as 80 fathoms but no further. The 75 degree water was another 23 miles out so did not bother to go any deeper. Started fishing back towards the house and at 1pm we got rapped up by dolphin again in 69.5 water? Got 4 in the boat and lost one trying to get gaff in. 3 were small gaffers and 2 slingers. Sorry no pictures, my camera was back in Wilson at a dance recital. Maybe with the SW wind blowing all week it will finally blow the warm water in, it is way past time!