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Fog, Wahoo & Dolphin!

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Awarded by , 05-07-2010 at 07:28 AM (1032 Views)

It was a challenging day but also a rewarding one. We left the Surf City ramp at 3:30am headed for the Gulf Stream in a dense fog. The fog came in patches as we made our way south in the ICW. As we approached Topsail Creek and the inlet, the fog became VERY Dense. In fact we couldn't see more than 25 yards and we were better off without the light as it was just reflected back at us. Of course the NTI buoys are NOT lit, so we had to "feel" our way through the inlet as we could not find the buoys, it took over an hour to get out.

On the way out we lost out sonar. We had planned to troll and bottom fish. We decided to continue on and just troll. Once we arrived at the gulf stream the seas were calm but with just enough breeze to put a ripple on the surface (perfect for trolling). Within 30 minutes we had our first fish on, turned out to be a nice fat 28 pound wahoo, we were stoked at this point! It was caught on a Bluewater Candy mini-jag in purple and black.

We had a couple of short strikes then boated a small dolphin. Then another. Next up was another Wahoo that hit one a large ballyhoo rigged with one of the new BWC Tweener skirts.

The ride back was fine for the first 35 miles but it was pretty wet and sloppy the last 30 miles or so. We were all smiles with a cooler full of fresh fillets and a few more stories to tell!
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  1. NCangler's Avatar
    Nice catch guys!
  2. Scott Hobbs's Avatar
    10-4 Mike great looking meat run for sure. Congrats on some nice Wahoo steaks..