Bay river campground and two flingers!! 10 -5-10 - tarheel fly flinger - Post Awards -
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Bay river campground and two flingers!! 10 -5-10 - tarheel fly flinger

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Jared and I went to Bay River when we had the afternoon off . We were met by Hubert and the hospitality has not ended!!! He was glad to see us ...we got a big welcome! He told us some of the productive fishing spots and we headed out to the left side as suggested by Hubert, in the bay by the camp ground. The wind was stiff and the water was high but in 10 mins I had a 14 inch Trout on a 808 Mirror Lure! We fished all over the bay and saw several pods of fish feeding! We wound up fishing some calmer water and towards sunset the wind stopped and the water turned glass.Jared started using a Bay Side popping cork and Gulp Shrimp! Let the games Begin!!!! He had a nice Red of 18 inches, and then another and another ....he ended with about 5 Reds , all on the cork . I caught my first Red on a X Rap, bronze (same one that caught the flounder at Carrot Island) It too ran about 17 inches . I switched to a Mirror Lure walk the dog bait and MAN WHAT HITS!!!! These Reds had to be well over 20 inches! What fun!!! I got three Reds total! I started using a Polar Fiber fly on a #4 short shank hook with no wt. and got a hit !but the trout came off at the yak. I had another strike on the fly and boated it ...14 inch Trout. All of this in 1 1/2 hrs !!!
The fish are getting bigger and the water is cooling down! Now is the time to get going on some fishing! Look at the drop offs and points ...3 to 4 ft of water was very productive! Can't ask for a better place to fish....Hubert and his family are conscientious and really want to facilitate your fishing adventure!

These are some pics Jared took on his phone.

End to a wonderful day!

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  1. LocaLinda's Avatar
    Great pics, great report - thanks!