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Trout Fishing Radio Island, NC, 12-05-2010 by Brannok812

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Despite the snow on Saturday, I was bound and determined to go fishing on Sunday morning. It was my first opportunity in a month, so I was not going to miss it. So I bundled up in layers, loaded far too much equipment to use in a single day of fishing, and drove first to Freeman’s at Atlantic Beach, and then on to Radio Island. It was nearly 7:00 am when I finally loaded the beach cart, which was later than I had planned.

I started out fishing at the nearest beach access point and then worked north towards the marina on the east side of the island. The morning tide had peaked and was just beginning to fall. The first speckled trout of the day ate my GULP shrimp at the edge of the marina. It was 12 inches long, like so many anglers are catching right now, but I still enjoyed the attention. Back into the deep she went. I wore the water out in the immediate vicinity, but did not convince another to bite. It seemed odd to catch only one that size, as I expected the small ones to be roaming in packs. I am a novice trout fisherman, so what I expect and what the speckled trout choose to do are so often different. I did have a cantaloupe sized jelly fish that kept me company by swimming around my feet for about fifteen minutes.

I grabbed the beach cart and headed toward the south end of the island. The wind was blowing out of the North West and steadily increasing in strength. The day started out cloudy, but the clouds began breaking up about 8:00 am. I did not pick up any strikes along the way.

I finally started fishing the South East corner of the island along the oyster rocks that line the edge of the channel. Two boats tried to fish along the rocks, but the falling tidal current was too strong for anchoring. I donated three jigs to the rocks without landing a fish, so I decided to join the small group at the very corner of the rocks.

Four other anglers were catching spikes on a regular basis by casting white grubs and Billy Bay shrimp into the eddy behind the rocks at the concrete wall. Since I had waders on, I was able to move to the channel side corner of the rocks and fish the edge of the current break. I have not had many opportunities to use my Mirrolures, so I decided to try one out instead of using a jig. I caught six trout on my first six casts. Once again, they were undersized, but they were a blast! I continued to work the Mirrolure over the top of the rocks and down into the eddy. I landed a total of eleven trout on the Mirrolure before donating it to the rocks as well. Instead of trudging all the way back to my tackle box for another lure, I picked up my other rod and began catching more trout on a GULP shrimp. In total, I landed 17 trout before the bite stopped as if a switch had been thrown. I left the rocks at 11:15am and drug my beach cart back to the parking lot.

That was the best day I have ever had trout fishing from shore. I did not have any to take home, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hope to get back to the coast again before December is over.


  • Eagle Claw salmon/steelhead graphite casting rod, 8.5ft length, Medium action
  • Quantum Great White GWC30 bait casting reel, 15lb test Trilene Big Game monofilament line
  • Mirrolure STTR, color: CFPR

  • Eagle Claw salmon/steelhead graphite spinning rod, 8.5ft length, Medium action
  • BPS Inshore Extreme IS40 spinning reel
  • Trilene 12lb test fluorocarbon line
  • ¼oz plain football head jig with 3” GULP shrimp (sugar & spice glow)

I bought the salmon/steelhead rods some years ago with the idea that they would provide extra casting distance from shore without overpowering inshore fish, such as speckled trout, flounder, and puppy drum. So far, I am very pleased with the results. They were not too heavy to fish with for hours, yet I had plenty of power and control of the fish I hooked. Granted, I did not hook a bull red in the surf, but so far I feel like this has been a successful experiment.


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  1. Fish Head's Avatar
    Awesome report & great pictures!! Thanks!!
  2. Chadillac's Avatar
    Great report. Thanks
  3. wannabe's Avatar
    excellent pics. glad someones fishin
  5. hawaiison's Avatar
    Great pics. I've enjoyed fishing Radio Island myself, but have not been out since day before Thanksgiving. Tons of undersized trout, but as you put it so well, tons of fun, nonetheless. Thanks for taking the time to post your comments and pics.
  6. tiffanyfans's Avatar
    nice pic, i like fishing,thanks for sharing ,i'm tiffany