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PB Trout

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I went trout fishing with a friend last week... she was amazed when i hooked up with a monster trout but unfortunately i did not land it. She obsessed all week about getting back to the spot so we could catch it on our next day off.... Not sure if she caught the same one but she managed a PB. Maybe now she will consider trout fishing with me instead of talking BASS all the time :-)
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  1. Handyhands's Avatar
    Looks like a Rooster Tail was the Ticket with that one. Was this in the Mountains and what was the water temps like. They were way too cold this weekend for fishing in the Banner Elk area. The rain slowed things down a bit too.
  2. TacoBo's Avatar
    My fishing buddies obsess about monster fish too, only they aren't as easy on the eyes...no offense Stu.
  3. h2ohhh's Avatar
    That's a HUGE Brookie! Is that in North Carolina?
  4. NCGMAN's Avatar
    you have the best kind of fishing partner... keep it up....
  5. bhartis's Avatar
    you've got to blurr out those lures! I have a hard enough time getting my favorite black/gold spec and gold blade rooster tail at the store as it is! Great looking trout! Congrats
  6. gfish's Avatar
    To h2ohhh... Although my friend keeps jokingly saying that she went to alaska on her four days off... the fish was caught in NC.