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Bond lake Slab... no... Doormat crappie

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Awarded by , 04-09-2011 at 09:50 AM (1465 Views)
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I bought a cast net today. I weighed whether it would be worth it and i figured my mom doesnt want to drive me a extra 15 minutes the wrong way to the bait shop every time, and i have to pay for the minnows anyways... so i dropped $25 into a 3' eagleclaw cast net with 3/8" mesh. I couldn't be more satisfied, first 10 casts i didnt throw it right but after i held it correctly only took 3 throws to fill my bucket with 30 big minnows.

They appear to be the exact same as the bait store ones just bigger, which seems to catch bigger crappie... as you can see down below!
Hit up bond lake around 4 pm and i didn't feel like luggin my bait bucket around to the far side so i fished from the boardwalk area. Very soon after i got there i got a small catfish mabye 12-14 inches long and i didn't wanna look like a fool takin my picture with a little catfish LOL so i just let him go without a picture.
Then my bobber went under again and i set the hook, instantly i feel big head shakes and think another catfish, then as it gets closer i get a glimps of it and think its a bass, not until it was right by the boardwalk did i realize it was the biggest crappie ive ever caught. i walked him to the shore and got him in! My god i was so proud!

Kept fishing got a bass that i took too long to set the hook on cuz i was using my bass rod not paying attention to the bobbers on the other rods and i gut hooked him, i clipped the line off then i used my other pair of pliers to cut off the entire eye of the hook as i saw on a TV show on WFN. I figure without the eye itll just slide right out soon. No picture as i didnt want to put the fish through any more harm honestly.
Then a while later i landed this other SLAB!

Also id like to say thanks to the guy who was nice enough to take the picture for me, i told him about NCangler, mabye he'll read this.
I also got a huge hit from a big catfish and i got him all the way to the dock but unfortunately there were lots of little kids fishing and they took a long time to reel in their lines so i could move him along the boardwalk to the shallow area off the boardwalk, and the hook bent and pulled straight out of his mouth... My fault for using el-cheepo hooks, though i kind of do so that they rust out easier from gut hooked fish. UGH i swear that he really was 2.5-3 feet long had to be at least 5-7 pounds not exagerating at all i promise! It was a channel cat, he was really close to the shore but there was no way i could've pulled him up out so i was trying to maneuver him to the shore off the boardwalk but took too long cuz of others lines
Got this bass too, on a mepps spinner! ( I ran outto minnows cuz i tried to refill the bucket but the top fell off as i scooped it down and like more than half of the remaining ones swam out so i ran out early)

Also heres to a crappie caught on a 1/32 oz jighead with a chartreuse 2" powergrub caught a few days ago, i figured id throw it in here as its decent.

Til next time,
Tight Lines!


  1. wannabe's Avatar
    awsome, just awsome.
  2. crappie89's Avatar
    Congrats, glad the cast net worked out for you.
  3. FishinCary's Avatar
    OMG! I would have never expected to be on the Featured blog section! It really does mean a lot, thanks everyone!
  4. Handyhands's Avatar
    Very nice Crappie!! Congrats.
  5. kevb's Avatar
    Rumble, young man, rumble!
  6. th365thli's Avatar
    I almost went to bond today. Ended up going to Umstead. Almost wish I changed my mind. Fish on man, and I might just get a cast net now.
  7. serovich's Avatar
    Lem me ask u a few questions. How do you know where to throw the cast net? Does ya seethe fish first? Is it easy to trow? And, is it worth th friggin effort the dang net???
  8. NCGMAN's Avatar
    great job ,,, and the cast net is worth it. i have caught the minnows on a #10 hook and bread..
    good fishing to ya....
  9. FishinCary's Avatar
    Nets worth it for me. Ive used it 4 times for 20-30 minnows each time and now im letting the pond rest, i know it was a little un... uh... thoughtful? of me to take so many minnows out of the little pond so im feeding them bread and hopefully after the spawn there will be more, dont wanna test it and kill em all off. Ive already saved at least $10 on about 5-8 dozen minnows and also the price of gas so like almost $20 by now, net was only $24.99 so if i could go back in time, id still buy it again. Well worth it if you ask me. I dont see the minnows, i just cast it out near deeper water, on a larger lake id look for shaded areas close to the bank, im sure someone could explain how to find minnows better than me, i dont know for sure, i just throw it out and get a bunch. I had a lot of trouble at first throwing it but once you throw it correctly, i catch minnows every throw, just has to open up right, be sure to watch a youtube video it helps!