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3 days on the Roanoke

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Just getting in from our yearly Roanoke trip. Only got to fish 3 days (I know, you all feel sorry for me) because of school this year. Got up there on Tuesday and had plenty of shad, but they were larger (6"-8") than we wanted and larger than the stripers wanted. We had 6 dozen bass minnows and they caught the majority of the fish. Caught 35 -40 fish a day and got good limits every day as well. Wednesdays keepers were 1 at 19 1/2" and the rest were over 20 1/2". Thursdays limit were all over 20" with 3 at 21 3/4". Worried about the weather as we left Tuesday morning, but all three days were fine with only 2 real showers that moved through on Wed. Fun 3 days on the river. They were really stacked up around the rock all three days. We drifted almost to Halifax on Tue. because that is where my brother caught them last Fri/Sat., but wasted all that time as they really have moved up. Anyway, another great year on the Roanoke and the "311 Bait Tank" worked great. It actually out performed the Grayline, but it also has about 10 more gallons of water to it. Nice R&D trip. Me and Zach both caught a 22 1/2" fish which were the biggest we got.

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    Nice Fish, looks like a good time on the river.