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Sea View Pier 5-1-2011

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Today I fished the Sea View pier from 7AM until 7:30PM and the chopper blues were biting. When I got to the pier they have already caught three chopper blues. Those were on cut bait fishing near the suds. So I put out the king rig and pulled in the first chopper of the day off the king rigs which weight 9.9 pounds. A couple more chopper were landed and then I got my seconds at 7.6 pounds. During lunch I was asked to watch some rods while they went to eat and that is when I pulled in my third chopper blue at 12.1 pounds. Towards the end of the day I picked up my go home fish which was a chopper blue at 7.2 pounds. A total of 14 chopper blues were landed and a whole lot of tailor/snapper blues were landed. The blue bit all day long either on plugs when the water was clear then on cut bait once the water got sandy and then back to plugs as the water cleared this evening. So this was the first time putting out the king rig and it was a good day. We left a good amount of blues in the bait tank.

Tim C
Surf/Pier Fishing


  1. ecufisherman's Avatar
    very nice, cant wait to make it down that way
  2. bOoGiE mUdStEr's Avatar
    bLuEtIfUl....great piks...thanks for the report...bLuEtIfUl