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Grouper Slaying (5-22-2011)

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On Sunday, I finally got my first chance to get out and do some serious grouper fishing since the season opened on May first. It paid off!

I was with my friend Scott on his boat the REEL DREAM and our friend Tanner. We left out of New River inlet and headed out to some nice bottom in about 120-130 feet of water and began dropping out baits. we used a variety of lures including Bluewater Candy Roscoe’s and something Tanner calls the “after school special”, it’s a squidhead and some bling with an attached J hook and a stinger hook.

The first drop resulted in Tanner bringing in a citation sized Red grouper (weighed 26 pounds). He later caught another citation red grouper at 21 pounds. Scott and I didn’t get any citation size fish but we did catch some nice reds, scamp and a trigger fish. We also caught a few bailer sized mahi on poppers. A pair of them followed a fish be had hooked, the others we ran across at weed lines as we moved between spots.

Fish that didn’t make it home with us (cause the season is closed): A handful of huge Black Sea Bass including one knot head that was 22 inches long! And a very nice sized American Red Snapper.

The ocean was flat, the sun was bright and the water was blue! We had an AWESOME day on the water with good fishing and friendship! (and of course Tanner couldn’t quit talking about those groupers…..........)
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  1. tcfisherman's Avatar
    Great looking fish guys..................Tc
  2. Hunter's Haven's Avatar
    Awsome catch Mike. Those red groupers are beautiful fish. Congrats on a wonderful day of catching.
  3. serovich's Avatar
    Awesome. That is my dream to be in my own boat and knowledgeable enough to get to the fish and bring a few home. Right now too much work and not nearly enough fun. Does your friend run a charter or a private boat? Thanks for the great post.
  4. Topsail Angler's Avatar
    serovich - Private boat. Hang in there man, time on the water counts for a lot!
  5. NCangler's Avatar
    WOW! Great fish. They are beautiful! Great work guys!
  6. ncsouthpaw's Avatar
    Great pics and report, glad yall had a great day.
  7. whitey's Avatar
    sweet conditions out there. major score!