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Memorial Day Fish Report

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Awarded by , 05-30-2011 at 10:14 PM (1367 Views)

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Sat I had the pleasure of fishing with David and his son Dylan (my father and his friend Bob joined as well). Have to say it was the worst weather I've ever had to deal with thunderstorm wise to date. Had a big cell just keep growing on us and pushing us out to sea. Water was so deep the depth-finder stopped working past 1,000'! Water was like a whirlpool...have to hand it to Dylan for toughing it out - he's a trooper. After the storm passed, we managed a wahoo and mahi...was a slow day for everyone. Had to grind it out to get David and Dylan a small taste of the action. Was a real pleasure having them aboard.

Sun gave way to better weather. Had the Oceanslayer, Nick, John and Eric aboard. Seas were very flat, almost too flay (if there is such a thing). We started out fishing about 17 miles out, picked up a little mahi and then pushed out to the Rise and trolled all the way thru Big Rock and around the 90' drop. No luck at all - other than seeing a shark and what appeared to be a small billfish jumping out of the water. We finally hooked up a few mahi south of the 14 buoy, but it just wasn't our day when it came to keeping mahi on board. Gave one back after gaffing (jumped off the gaff and back in the water), donated one to the dock monster, and pulled a few off the hook. Hopefully next time we can put more meat in the boat. We did manage a blackfin tuna and two mahi. Coming home with the other 1,000 boats was interesting when we all got to the inlet at the same time. Not a good day to be in a skiff! Thanks to all those willing to go out! Hope to do it again soon.
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