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Fish Report - MHC Offshore 6-11

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Awarded by , 06-14-2011 at 05:43 PM (1418 Views)

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Took off out of Beaufort Inlet Saturday, along with the other 66 boats in the Big Rock Lady' Angler Tournament. Going out was fun - head sea with lots of chop, could only avg 20kts (usual 27kts). We pulled up just past the 14 buoy and landed a few small mahi. Trolled out north of the 90' drop and then toward the Atlas Tanker. Nice water over there, had a marlin in the spread but he wouldn't eat anything.

Had a boat show up that lost all navigation equipment...was asking me the distance and direction to the knuckle buoy. As I was telling him the downrigger went off and line was screaming off - nice King!

My crew was really sea sick that day. Hard running a spread with all the chumming and sleeping. They hung in strong, and luckly the seas calmed down. I had one of those electric shock watches and it appeared to help one guy.

I think the Big Rock anglers are sandbagging during the lady's tourney. They really landed some nice one's today. 652lber and another 580lber. One huge one (780lbs) was not allowed due to mutilation (prop strike I think). Always drama in that tourney.

Going to probably take a few weeks off. Need some new water in, the dog days of Summer arrived early this year. Nobody is catching much from what I've seen - other than marlin!

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