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6/15/11 Oceanana Pier report (first Cobia!!)

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Drove down to catch the sunset bite and stay the night for the morning bite and some night fishing. I got there at around 6, the spanish bite was good but nothing special and they were smaller, I got about six in the cooler and lost one really nice smack. water was semi clear and the wind was low but coming from the north so i knew the morning was going to be nice. Night fishing was fun, there were a ton of bait in the water and i watched a few sharks get decked and a nice blue. The bite for spanish picked up at about 4:40am and didn't stop for a few hours, great sized spanish, great fights, every cast it was fun. bite stopped at 6 when the dolphins decided to play right were the spanish were running through. stuck around plugging for a while and saw one of the large rays with Cobias tailing it came through and i was able to sight cast to it and immediately got a hook up. great fight on a 37in cobia, no pier net to so i had to beach him hahah. Great day on the water, my first cobia, best fight and biggest fish of my life so far! got the cobia on a 4oz pink spro tipped with a 6in white grub 50lb fluro leader on 30lb sufix braid. fun day.


now my next plan is to get a cast net and grab some live shrimp they were jumping all over at night but i had no way to get them. Im from Greenville and would like to know the closest area that I could find some that are eating size, also what size net should i get diameter and 1/2'' or 3/8''. it would be great if i could use the net for bait as well.
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  1. fishnpole's Avatar
    Most guys use 3/8 mseh. I actually prefer 1/4 because I like small mullets and tiger minnows for flounder fishing...but 3/8 is most popular for a reason. Depending on your abilities for throwing one I would recommend a smaller diameter net, 5 or 6 feet until you get the hang of it and can move up to a bigger one-but if primarilly throwing from a pier a bigger net woule be better to start.
  2. Hunter's Haven's Avatar
    That's a nice report and congrats on the cobia.
  3. catmaster's Avatar
    Well done G