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NCangler Oriental, NC Saturday Meet & Greet Canceled!

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Awarded by , 08-24-2011 at 12:06 AM (1868 Views)
Hi all. Tuesday night we decided to CANCEL the event due to the impending bad weather expected from hurricane Irene. We had almost 100 people registered for the Oriental Meet & Greet this weekend (Saturday August 27th) and this was a difficult decision to make. But, it just seemed to be the better part of wisdom and we wanted to err on the side of caution. We had to let the caterer know late Tuesday and even if the storm passes off shore we'll still be looking at high winds and heavy rain in all probablility. Those are obviously not the best conditions for an event like this.

We will figure out a reschedule date next week and start posting about it. Thank you all for your patience and interest in attending. One thing we have no control over is the weather. I hope all are safe this weekend.

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  1. tarheel fly flinger's Avatar
    I know y'll put a lot of effort in this and we will be looking forward the to the new date!! Thanks again.
  2. MOFISH's Avatar
    That's a shame, but a wise decision ! I look forward to a new date.....
  3. Bluemoon's Avatar
    You're right, That's the way fishing goes, but rescheduling is no problem! just let us know!