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Hardcore Invitational III

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Awarded by , 10-02-2011 at 07:26 PM (1132 Views)
If its Bigger, If its Bolder, If its Braver, If its Better...
...It must be Hardcore 2011!

After a year in the Hardcore workshop, Stukayakfish and the Hardcore Kayak Fishing Team unleashed the 2011 version of the tournament on the upper stretch of Lake Wylie Saturday, October 1.

Bigger... 53 Anglers!

Bolder... (Well, about the same - which is turn-it-all-the-way-up-and-rip-the-knob-off bold) Trip Rogers tunes on the guitar as we launched. An electric 'Star Spangled Banner' and the water frothed as the kayaks stormed up and downstream from Bobby's launch in Mount Holly. Cars & trucks everywhere and the poor power boaters didn't know what to make of this occupation of their quiet little launch!

Braver... These heroic anglers stared into the eyes of a lake wind advisory paddled on!

Better... - Prizes are back! Big Fish won a Big, BIG prize - a Wilderness Systems Ride 115 kayak. 4 big-fish places. Drawings for everybody, based on size of fish caught (skill+luck). Even skunks had a shot (just luck)!
Some things were the same - The same spirit of fun and competition and the same great show. Lots of the same faces. Trip was back with his Guitar and his kayak. Great Outdoor Provision Company was back (Gwen, and now Tim and Bo on their fishing team). Mount Holly Fire & Rescue had our backs with their rescue boat. Get Outdoors was back (Phillip). River Bassin was back (Drew - big thanks for the use of the rulers!). Tim's sister and mom were back (Food - fabulous!).

Some things were new - A new 4-fish format with slotted prize raffles. Chad Hoover (Hook1, KayakBassFishing.com, Wilderness Systems) was there.

And the biggest newbie was a brand spanking new Wilderness Ride 115 kayak (technically almost new - Tim invoked Director's privilege to give it a test ride last week):

Read on for pics and links...

This is the only place on the planet where folks would paddle away from a concert this good!

Another Launch Pic:

Awards Pics:

Here's Luke's 20" Grand Prize winning fish Report was that it was caught on a shakey head in shallow water.

Here's Luke with the Grand Prize Ride 115. Eleven and a half feet of kayak for twenty inches of fish - nice trade!

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