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Topsail 10/3-10/7

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Hit Topsail for 5d for a trip with the wife this past week:

MON & TUES (10/3-10/4) conditions were pomp-perfect, W wind 0-5, water crystal clear, fished just N of JR pier w/live sand fleas out as far as I could throw it, landed 6 pomps with 2 citations (3lb 2oz, 2lb 4oz...forgot the tape measure but my feet are size 12 to get a size reference in the pic below) which I kept, the other 4 were 1lb each (decent size i guess) but I have gotten spoiled with the citation size ones and these were let go to grow and get bigger for the next trip. Both citations were caught on the incoming tide on Earl Brinn rigs, 40lb fluoro mainline with 4" snoods (25lb fluoro) spaced 10-12" apart w/gami octopus circle #1s and 8mm orange bead, main set-ups were predators w/10lb power-pro, 40lb braid shock, and holding bottom w/4oz sputniks. Smaller pomps were caught behind the breakers, large ones were out as far as I could possibly throw it. Also managed 7 huge whiting, all over 1.5 lbs, caught on same rigs. Now normally I am a die hard pomp fisherman but I gave up after Tues...problem was all the bait fish in the water, your sand flea will only last 3-4 minutes TOPS before getting picked to pieces. All the fish were caught within the 1st 5 minutes after throwing out, after that you are fishing with bare hooks, got exhausted with all rebaiting, etc. and just gave up. Guess I could have fished with fishbites as that could have probably held up but I only fish with fleas.

WED (10/5): water same as above and looking very pompish but given the above bait issues decided to change it up and fish a bait that would actually last more than 5', netted some finger mullet from the surf and put out 3 live baits: one in the suds, one right behind the breakers, and one out deep. got a 14" flounder on the one in the suds, and a big 5lb bluefish on the one out deep (blast on light tackle)...both let go. As the sun was going down & the tide was going out the rod with the live bait past the breakers starts the fish a while and it is smoking my little spinning outfit (steelhead rod w/10lb test), get it in close and it jumps...turns out to be a NICE spanish prob 4-5lbs, get it into the wash but it spits the circle hook. all the live mullet were set up on fishfinder rigs w/18" 40lb fluoro leader. Also got another real nice run on the rod in the suds but the fish came off, no teeth marks on the mullet when I get it back in so maybe a pup???

THURS-FRI (10/6-10/7): wind starts whipping out of the NE 10-20mph, water muddied up. Fished cut mullet in a hole @ N Topsail looking for pups but no takers. Went to the south end @ the dredge dock and set up with live finger mullet, another 2 short flounder @ 14" each. Same live bait set up as before.

There is so much mullet in the water right now it is ridiculous. When the surf was calm it was just one school after another, at high tide you could have netted a year's supply in 10 min. The south end by the dredge dock is also absolutely loaded with finger mullet in the 2h before and after high tide. The beach @ south topsail post-hurricane is almost flat as a board where I was staying. Couple of small holes visible at dead low tide but minimal structure. Fleas are no where to be found in S topsail. N topsail has some nice holes/structure and is where the fleas are. Walked out to the South inlet on Thurs and it was packed with drum seekers.

On a side note someone showed me a pic of a 30+" flounder taken on live bait near the dredge dock last week...Saw a couple other shorts caught there in my 2d there, plus several filleted carcasses of legal flounder so they are there. Also saw someone walking off the beach on N topsail with an absolute MONSTER black drum (20+ lbs EASY) he caught in a hole on the incoming tide on a sand flea...was so big 3/4 of the fish was sticking out of a 5gal bucket.

I'm sure the big pomps are there...problem is keeping your bait on the hook.
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    Sweet, well written report...