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Kerr Lake (Buggs Island) 12/17/2011 (kayaks)

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I took Mark B up on his invitation to fish for stripers from kayaks on Kerr Lake today. My first trip to Kerr and I think first time ever fishing in Virginia. Hoorah for reciprocal license agreements!

I got a late start and launched at the Longwood ramp off Hwy 15 around 8:30am. Talked to FishMedic (?) and another angler (?? - ugh, names... I'm lousy at stopping and forcing myself to remember names) at the ramp. They were looking to net shad in the back then heading out for catfish. Met Mark and Brandon on the lake a little farther back in the creek. It was Brandon's first time fishing in a kayak (Mark's Commander) and he loved it. Later on I ran across papadave and snowcamp around the Hwy 15 bridge. We had a mini-meet&greet going on out there today.

Since I was running late I did not make it to Bobcat's for tackle or bait on the way, and went with what I had. Trolled a variety of deep diving plugs, lipless cranks, swimbaits and bucktails. I got my only bite around 10:30 on a deep fat free shad, just above the Hwy 15 bridge. He pulled a lot of light drag before I could get the rod out of the holder, pulled a couple more bursts as I tightened the drag down on him, then went "soft". I reeled and pumped and couldn't get any pressure, but couldn't get the crankbait to vibrate either, so I kept reeling. The fish was well hooked and he just swam right into the kayak. Weirdest fight ever. I never got any pressure on him until I lifted him into the cockpit and that's when he started to object. Luckily, both sets of trebles were in the mouth so no collateral damage in the lap area.

Pretty fish - about 24".

(had to crop out a lot of thumb from the pics - I guess I was using my left hand. rusty.)

The bait of the day - Deep fat free shad with a couple of suspend dots

That was my only fish. Brandon and Mark each got a catfish. Fishing seemed pretty slow. Folks with fishfinders were reporting a lot of bait and a lot of fish (I'm still fishing blind).

We were off the water around 1pm. Home before 3 with a post-fishing stock-up trip to Bobcat's.

That was my first trip to Kerr. Nice drive and not too long at all from Wake Forest area - around an hour to the Longwood ramp. I was always a little intimidated by the size of the lake, so I never made a solo trip, but fishing that portion was no different than fishing any mile worth of Falls or Jordan.

I put together a coverage map to see how much of Kerr I've conquered (purple blob):

Looks like I've got some paddling left to do before I get bored with that lake.

So my first Kerr catch, my first Virginia catch, and first striper of 2011. Pretty good start on my winter todo list. We may get back out there over the next 2 weeks if schedule and whether cooperate. We'll get an invite up if we do.
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  1. shemstreet's Avatar
    Looks like a fun trip. You did not miss anything on Falls, slow day there as well.