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First Time On Lake Hickory In The Kayak

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Awarded by , 12-19-2011 at 11:34 PM (3036 Views)
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I went to Lake Hickory today to try fishing out of the kayak. I put in at the Oxford landing and paddled to the left and went down toward some docks. I'm totally unfamiliar with fishing Lake Hickory so it was a exploratory float checking out where it was shallow and where the deeper spots were, checking out laydowns and water depth trying to figure out what was the best thing to use. On my way back out of the cove I was throwing a spinnerbait between some docks and something just slammed it and bent my rod over pretty good, I thought I had a big fish on there. It was a 2.5 lb spotted bass, boy those fish can fight! It was my only fish of the day.

After 2:30 the wind picked up and the water started to get pretty rough so I called it a day. Even though I only caught one I was pleased with the way the day went.

I hope to get back out there again, maybe some of you striper guys can help me out, I would love an education on how, where and what you are using on Lake Hickory to catch those nice stripers you've been posting.
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  1. Kev2380's Avatar
    That is a pretty looking bass. I don't think spots get much bigger than that. Nice job!
  2. unincbrtn's Avatar
    Beautiful fish!
  3. Striper704's Avatar
    Great looking fish!