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12-26-11 Fontana report

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12-26-11 Had a couple of hours this afternoon so started about 2:30 at Lemmons Br. Have been trolling and jigging lately so started off looking for fishable schools. After about an hour of looking and not finding decided to try something different. Went across from point 9 to some points and marked a few fish, but never more than one or two, so tried a fnf off the bank and then a crankbait with no luck. Switched to a small fluke on an eighth oz head and put her 30 feet deep. Took forever for it to get to bottom, but then just bounce it back out to 50-60 feet and at some point you'd feel that tick, just like a crappie. Had time to fish three points and caught 10 fish with 3 then 3 then 4 off consecutive points. Couple of nice fish with equal numbers of spots and smallies. Hooked and lost half again that many, would just lose feel of jig and couldn't catch up for a good hookset. Was good to cast to fish for a change so will plan on this for the next couple of trips. Never saw any bait schools, must be down lake. Water at 55 deg. and it's come back up a few feet. Later, Capt. James

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