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REDBOAT's Harris Lake Report 12/29/2011

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Well this was my very first time at this lake. Launched at the southern ramps and slowly headed out... there was a few boats already fishing right there at the mouth of that creek so I looked over to the other side in front of the devistation... When I looked up I saw a few more boats fishing the opposite side and one boat leaving the area..decided to head through the boats at the mouth and went towards the Nuke and set up off of a point.

Nothing on the west side so I moved over to the other side about even with the boat you see in the pic. In the morning I started tightlining 6 poles each double rigged with various colored jigs tipped with a crappie nibble... as I crossed the point in 16-19 feet of water i got a tap on the one with John deer green but missed it... ended up circling around and this time holding the pole I was able to hook my first fish --> a bluegill. Put it back and reset again holding the pole then landed a 11" crappie !

Unfortunately, that was it for there.. decided to take a ride and check the lake out.. Made a note to myself to use the other ramp next time as it will save a bit of driving... Then headed back to the south end.. bu this time the wind was starting to get up so I headed over to the devistation and setup again in 20 feet...nothing so I let the wind blow me out to 28-30 feet and that's where I started to catch fish good.

I ended up with quite the "fire drill" with most of my rods getting good fish! Now by this time I had decided to take a few jigs off and fish with just a minnow on a jighead and also tip the other jigs with a minnow. During this time I caught a double of slab crappie on the John Deer rod and another Slab on Blue-Black-Chartruce, also 1 or two on the plain minnies...Phew!

By this time the wind started to get to full power and it was turning into a pain! One line got tangled in the trolling motor and the boat is blowing all over the place.. So I decided to head over to the area across the lake and try to get out of the wind... caught a few more but I gave up on it at 4...

All and all not to bad of a day.. I saw chief (from out there and saw how he fishes (took note of that for later), saw Special K and Gilby (also from on their way back in.. learned the lay of the lake, found a few good spots and ended up with 11 nice keepers! (I do not know how many I threw back). It's a neat little lake.

Happy New Year!
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