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Ocean Stripers Update Feb.8 2012

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Quote Originally Posted by Rick Caton View Post
Well it's been an interesting Winter thus far.
The most Menheaden and Whales I have ever seen in the Ocean this Winter.
The fishing has been pretty consistant inside the "Holy 3 Mile Line"
The weird part is that the fish will totally disappear for days at a time.You'll catch them good for several days then "poof" they are gone....and when I say gone I mean gone.....a whole fleet of pretty good Striper guides can't find them with high powered radars,side scannners and bottom machines....now...that is "gone"!!!!
Anyway ....seems the fish are wanting to start moving north.Up in the Bay as far as Reedsville and the Smith Point area they are up there in good numbers and they are starting to catch them off of Ocean City,Md already.
I still feel that we have some good fishing left here out of Rudee Inlet,Va after what I saw yesterday (2/7).
Anyway..you all be safe on the water...good luck fishing.

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  1. Striper704's Avatar
    WOW! Great catches! Is there a daily limit for ocean catches?
  2. riverpirate's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Striper704
    WOW! Great catches! Is there a daily limit for ocean catches?
    2 per person.
  3. hellomcfly2's Avatar
    Real nice mess!