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Just like valentines day... it's quality, not quantity.

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Went out this morning at sunrise got to my honey hole in Zebulon about 7:10am, spent about 2 hours casting chartreuse cranks, craw cranks, chartreuse and white spinnerbaits, colorado and willow, not getting hits on anything. At one point a few 1-2lb bass started destroying a school of shad on the other side of the pond, some leaving the water as they jumped to get them. By the time I got over there, they had dispersed. Fairly discouraging. I headed back over to where I had set up and was trying to think, ok, prespawn, i've tried this color this color this color etc. Seeing as how it was valentines day... I tied on my "Sexy Sunfish" KVD silent crank.... about 4 casts later.... BAM a hit, felt fairly decent hit, started cranking and felt like a 1-1.5lber or so... and all of a sudden it just stopped. I couldn't pull it, I was sure I had got wrapped up in a log or something. Then all of a sudden the log starts moving, before I could do anything the bass starts peeling drag off down the bank and I had to follow after it. At this point my rod was doubled over and I realized I had a quality fish on. After about 4-5 minutes that felt like a lot longer of losing ground and gaining it back, I got the fish within site. God I love prespawn bass. 20" TOAD of a bass. Happy Valentines day to me! Landed the fish around 9:05, managed to get some of the guys out there working to take some pics for me. Fished until 10 and then left to get back before the girlfriend got really woken up . Hope everybody has a good valentines day! I know I did!!!!!

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