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Sheepheads, Sheepheads, Lovely little sheepheads,... Sheepheads, sheepheads eat 'em up YUM!

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Decided to try my luck again this past Saturday, after my dismal outing in Swansboro the previous weekend, I had a container FULL of one armed bandits. (120+crabs) Now if you didn't already know this...these buggers are pretty hardy critters. I use a large plastic container that my coffee came in. It has a huge top, so you can see where you are putting you fingers...and it has a handle. I had some in this batch that had been living in my container for about 2 weeks. I left Greenville around 5am. Headed to the kayak launch off of Beaufort Rd near the airport across from Beaufort side of Radio Island. With the weatherman predicting winds out of the SW at 10-15, I was expecting warm sun and cool winds (off the water). Started out with a light breeze from the NE/E and the water was very calm. With high tide around 9am I decided to try my luck with the reds before hitting the bridge pilings. I worked around the north side of Radio Island for about an hour or so with only 1 sighting and no bites. The tide was close to slack so I moved to the bridges where I found several boats working the pilings, I saw no hookups. I moved to a set of pilings and immediately noticed the clarity of the water. Visibility was 10 feet plus down. Flash, there it was, the fish I was looking for...a nice sized sheephead was on the piling just ahead. I rushed to get a crab on and down in the water. 10ft down, thump! I threw all my weight into it. The hook was set. Now I fish for sheephead with a Tsunami medium 6ft spinning rod. It is pretty stiff, as it is missing the last 4 inches of tip from a prior accident/modification...tomato/tomaato. It makes a good topwater rod and an excellent vertical jigging rod. On this rod I have a pflueger reel with a 14lb drag and 15lb moss colored power pro. I use a carolina rig with a 1/2 oz egg weight with about 20 inches of 20# Mono leader tied to a 1/0 or 1 live bait hook. So I put the hammer on this fish and my drag is whirring. I will be honest I just started last year fishing for sheeps, and I don't know any other way to get these to the boat other than horse them in...and that is what I tried to do. I was able to get this fish in the net after 4 or 5 nice runs. A 3lb beauty. Excited I dropped another crab down, Thump! another fish on...this one took about 3 runs and shook off. Reset and THUMP!, another runner...landed this one and it was another 2-3lb'r. The tide was starting to pick up, so I moved my yak to leeward side of the pilings. The bite significantly slowed and the clarity of the water began eroding. Over the next 4 hours I hooked another 12 fish of which I landed 5. Moving from piling to piling, I noticed that the fall was starting to slow. After the previous slack tide frenzy I was getting excited. I had tried to chum for the sheeps by scraping the pilings with small success. I maneuvered my kayak close enough to scrape some barnacles off. I notice that they we falling rather than drifting away. I readied a crab and dropped it down. It was not a 10 secs and I had a fish on. I landed another 1.5 lb'r. Readied another crab and proceeded to hook and lose 3 fish in rapid succession. One broke the leader after 2 runs of taking drag. Over the next 30 mins, I boated 2 more fish and lost 4 or 5 shortly after being hooked. 100 crabs gone and 8 hours of fishing, I let the tide take me back the way I came. A SW wind didn't hurt either. So I caught 15 fish, kept 9, 3 in the 3lb range; lost at least twice as many as I landed. None under a pound. Best sheep head fishing for me yet.

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