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First Annual W Kerr Scott Reservoir Meet & Greet

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Sunday morning DBeam and I hit the water for one last time, I got the chance to fish out of Darrell's boat which is a treat for me. Being able to stretch my legs and fish too is a bonus I can really appreciate after 2 long days fishing out of the kayak. We went down to Lewis Fork Creek (I looked it up....forgot the name of the creek), I knew where it was and had some success there a few years ago. Its a pretty good paddle in a kayak so I hadn't been there in awhile. Anyway I was fishing a spinnerbait and something absolutely hammered it and started takining some drag, after 3 attempts to net it we finally got it in the boat, a 5 lb+ striper.

After fishing Lewis Fork Creek we went and fished a section of the Yadkin River with lots of laydowns, no fish there so we went to Boomer Park where we ran into Guffey & Pungofisherman. While we were there I hooked a spotted bass on a spinnerbait but nothing else was to be found at Boomer Park.



We finished off the day by fishing the rip rap under the 268 bridge where DBeam finished the Cinco De Mayo festivities by fishing a "Mexican Lipless Crankbait" and catching "a sombrero trick" of bass in short order.

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