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Friday 5-11, MHC to Big Rock. First ever Mahi with pics

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Made plans to go out Friday for a fishing trip with some good friends. Being that I am moving soon to Florida, I figured it would be probably my last opportunity to get out, and with the weather being nice, we decided to make a run to the blue water. We left the house around 4:30 in the morning, got to the dock, and were motoring away by 6:15 with Cherry Pie blasting out the speakers. We headed out the inlet and made the 40+ mile push out to 90í drop. Weather was great, water was decent, and we all had the feeling that this could be a good day. Just before we hit 90í drop, we started to see flying fish breaking in front of us, so lines started to go out. Krobar took the wheel and Reef Donkey and I began putting lines out. 1st line out by 8:00, 75 feet back, ballyhoo with a blue skirt. Was attaching the 2nd line to the downrigger when the 1st line started to scream. At first we thought a line got tangled but as I reached for the pole, the line was moving side to side. By the time I got a hold of the pole, I saw the fish break the surface for an unforgettable jump. It was the first time I have ever seen a real live mahi, and on the end of a hook at that. 15-20 minutes later, a few trips around the boat, and a handful of jumps later, Reef Donkey made a great gaff and got it in the boat. Lines hadnít been out for 2 minutes and we already landed a nice mahi. My 2nd trip ever to blue water, my first mahi, and the best fish Iíve ever seen.

With shaky hands and excitement we went for round 2 and started putting lines back out. We got done with the 4th line, and Krobar saw more flying fish. A few seconds later, another scream! This time it was a line off one of the downriggers, about 75í down, ballyhoo with a blue skirt. Reef Donkey grabbed the pole, and after some more impressive jumps and another 20 minutes, we had the 2nd mahi at the boat. Being very new to the blue water fishing, it was my turn to gaff. The video is Reef Donkey bringing the fish to the boat. I made a decent gaff, and now we have 2 mahi in the boat.

We set lines back up and kept trolling out to Big Rock. Another 10-15 minutes later, one of the long lines took off with line screaming out. Another great fish. This time it was Krobarís turne. He got the fish to the boat, but unfortunately Reef Donkey missed the grab, and the line broke. Canít win them all. We assured Krobar that he would get the next one. Just before Big Rock one of the downrigger lines went off, this time on a Jag-A-Rita lure. Again, another impressive mahi was coming to the boat. Reluctant, it was my turn to gaff and when the gaff hit the water, I missed the fish, snap! Another broken line.

We hit Big Rock and decided to head back to 90í drop and see if we could hook into a few more mahi. After a few minutes of line being out, one of the downrigger lines went off again. Krobar made a great fight, and brought the fish in. This time, we were going to make sure we got the fish in the boat. Reef Donkey made a nice gaff, and mahi #3 was in the fish box!

We had 1 more hit later just before 90í drop, but it was a short strike and missed the hook. Decided to call it a day as seas were getting a little rough, and we still had a long haul ahead of us. 40+ miles back, 10-15 knots back, every other wave coming over the bow, and 3 hours later, we finally made the inlet. Soaked and salty, we enjoyed the rest of the ride, blood on the boat, fish in the ice box, good music, and great company.

Thanks to Krobar and Reef Donkey for a good trip and great memories! Sorry to Buccaphin, who could not make the trip, but I know we will meet up again in Florida for some good fishing there. I will miss our fishing trips, war stories and great laughs. I couldnít have asked for a better fishing trip, and will see you in Florida when you come down.
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