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Bay River Thursday & Friday 5-17&18

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Got the itch after reading reports that there were some good trout being caught in Bay River. Last weekend the weather looked good for this Thursday & Friday so I called Frank at BRCG to find out if their little corner room was available. It wasn't but he gave me a discount on a camper. They really look after RedXers down there!

After doing a quick inventory of my Gulp I decided that some 2" shrimp should be added to the jar. Remembering that Capt. Dave had said that he was putting in some gear at the campground I shot him a PM to see if he'd have them there. He assured me that what I needed would be there.

In keeping with my weather luck the forecast started to degrade. Left home at 4am & by the time I made Kinston to meet Dennis(RouseD) the weather was looking pretty rough.

Trent Creek at HWY 55 was muddy and flowing ........ there had been a lot of rain and it looked like more was brewing. The campground had water standing and Rachael said that Wednesday evening they had the worst storm since the hurricane.

We went in to talk with Frank & Rach for a minute and I found out why the little corner room wasn't available, it's now the Minnesott Beach Bait & Tackle satellite. It's small, but everything you need for the area is there. They've got a good selection of Gulp, DOA and Mirrolures, some Yo-Zuris and quite a bit of other stuff. They also have frozen shrimp & squid and, of course, bagged ice. It's a great addition to the campground. All you need to take down is your boat and rod & reels, everything else is there. I had the honor of being their first customer!

Gulp(and a new MR14) in hand Dennis & I dropped the boat in and headed out. The storms brewing kept us close but we managed a few spike trout..............

an eatin' sized black drum..............

a croaker and the smallest puppy drum I've ever seen. It was about 4" and loaded with spots ........ wish I had taken a picture of it.
I lost what must have been a world record flounder(or a big ray, as there were plenty of them around). Felt like I was trying to lift a refrigerator 'till it started moving, then it just eased under the boat and tossed my jig back at me................. guess we'll never know.

Dennis picked up a little red about 50x the size of mine..............

A buddy from La Grange came down about noon, just as the rain hit, so we ran back to the campground and stood around in the common room for an hour or so chewing the fat. Dennis took his leave and when the rain let up Scott & I headed back out.

Scott snagged a little striper off a dock.

and I managed an undersized Pam-Slam by adding a couple short flounder and 2 barely legal specks to my tiny redfish before the rain ran us off the water for the day.

Friday the rain moved out but the wind picked up. By midday we had only managed a few spike trout, another little black drum and 2 short flounder. Called it a day at noon.

So for the technical details ........ The water was very stained & around 71-73. About 100% cloud cover most of both days. Thursday the wind was fairly light from the ENE. Friday it picked up a lot and shifted to NNE.
We found most of the fish, including the better trout, on structure .... either stumps, riprap or dock pilings. Most productive bait was white 2" Gulp shrimp on 1/8th jigheads(Dennis was using a white 4" Gulp swimming mullet with 2" of the tail chewed off). Did manage a couple trout on a chartreuse 5" Mirrolure Provoker. We saw a bunch of 1'-2' rays in the shallows and at least one in the 3'-4' range.

It was a lot of driving for just a few fish, but the company was world class as always, and as always the guys at BRCG took great care of us! The new little tackle shop is great!
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