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My girlfriend showed me up!

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Awarded by , 06-30-2012 at 04:29 PM (2113 Views)
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My girlfriend and I went out to a local farm pond today (mostly to exercise the dog). I started her out with a 1/4 oz. beetle spin while I threw a t-rigged senko. I had caught a couple small LMB and she wasn't having much luck. So I offered to teach her how to fish a senko. She casted out and let it sink. I told her to slowly real up slack and set the hook if she felt any thing funny. Bam! first cast she brings in a 7.5 lb HOG! That fish was 2 lbs heavier than any fish I had pulled out of that pond and I'm there about four nights/week. Go figure!
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  1. Bluegill's Avatar
    Thats kool Jhol.....we now have a another fisherwomen for life
  2. dangcivic's Avatar
    NICE !!! Hope I'm that lucky tomorrow !