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Grandaughter Scores BIG

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Awarded by , 07-08-2012 at 09:57 PM (1767 Views)
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We spent part of the week down east at our camper for the 4th. Thursday night,my oldest grandaughter (10) spent the night with us at the camper. We spent part of the afternoon in the kayak on the lake at the campground.
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We did a bit of fishing for bream with mixed success. I think the fish are feeding at night due to the heat and full moon.
We messed around until dark catching a few small bream on worms and a couple of small bass I caught on a jig.
Just before bed,my grandaughter made me proise to get her up before I went fishing in the morning.
5:00 am comes and the coffee pot starts gurgling. I shook my grandaughter and tried to wake her. Ever tried wo wake a 10 yr old? I finally got her up,got a cup of coffee and headed out the door. She pickees up a spinning rod with a green metal flake Sluggo on it and walks to the lakes edge. I'm standing at the picnig table thinking about what fly to start with. I hear this SPLASH and look over and see my grandaughter with a very bent rod and a look of determination on her face. She walks up the bank and back following this fish. She gets 3-4 jumps,then the fish decides to go deep. The fish strips line off of the reel and heads for deeper water. She lean into the fish and starts putting some sideways pressure on the fish and it starts heading back up. She finally got the fish rolled on it's side and sliding towards the bank. I stepped down the bank to waters edge and lipped the fish for her. I think the edges of her smile extended to a point beehind her ears.
I tried to hand her the fish and she didn't ewant to hold it. I said, "You caught it,now you need to hold it. Well she grabs the fish and runs to the camper shouting "Nanna, Nanna....LOOK AT MY FISH" I know shw woke her Nanna up and probably the rest of the campground as well. Did I mention that it was 5:15 am?
So, This was the first Bass that this young lady had ever caught all by herself on an artificial and I figured it to be 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. Shie is "hooked" now!
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  1. Rod Wielder's Avatar
    Great story. Good on you, and congrats to grandaughter!

    Plus Fishin'!