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h2ohhh escapes the heat

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Awarded by , 08-22-2012 at 07:55 AM (993 Views)

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Headed up into beautiful Mitchell County this past weekend to escape the heat of the lowlands and get back to my roots which is stream fishing for trout. Went with my friend Lloyd who at 73 years old is amazing. He can still scramble around boulder infested streams like a billy goat and hung with me all day long. We fished a small tributary with rapid drops (read 'tough to access) and beautiful pools near the Tennessee border. The stream holds both stocked and wild fish. Caught and released dozens of fish (mostly rainbows with a few browns, 1 brookie and 2 smallies) and revelled in the beauty of God's creation. That environment is my definition of the 'real world'. Then of course I had to return to the stress and blight of the one we as humans have created....

Headin' into the hills...

Rock Hoppin'

Looks a bit 'fishy'

It was. A nice little brownie

Lloyd. A fine mountain man indeed. Check out the 'vintage' tackle!

Gee, you don't think there might be a fish or two in here do ya?

Beautiful fat rainbow, my nicest of the day.
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