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Another Large Shark Down!

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Awarded by , 10-05-2012 at 08:49 AM (1433 Views)
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After a day of sanding and finishing drywall I was ready to hit the beach after work. Matt and I got out to the spot and my buddy Wayne and his boys were out there trying there luck for sharks but didnt have any luck. Matt sent out his first bait and then I sent mine out and as I was walking back to the rod holder I see Matt already bowed up on a shark. Wayne looks like what am I doing wrong but I told him to just get used to it cause Matt has a lucky reel, horseshoe, or just knows how to block your bait lol. After a long fight in the surf I was able to go out and try to tail rope it but Matt spilled oil on the rope making it impossible to pull in. If you saw the shark in our post last night that shark didnt have near the shoulders this one had. Measured just over 7' but man it was heavy! We snapped a pic gave it a name and off she went. We decieded to go with Marjory Stewart-Baxter. We baited back up and it was a little slow for a while til Matt got another run just after dark. This time it wasnt a big shark but one of those wirery guys that shoot all over the place. Got it up to the surf and I go out and grab the 400lb mono and I see one of our hooks about 4 feet from the shark and I thought it was one of ours we lost before. But when I went to pull it on the beach a line snapped. What happened was the shark had a mouthful of other peoples bottom rigs and it got tangled with the leader of Matts rig. Baiscly he fought the shark with a wad of 20lb mono in its mouth. It was a nice quick release and we named it R J Wellington The Third! Nothing much happened after that and we packed up and went home. Ohh and no lifesavers were harmed in the catching of the sharks lol. Brad

Photo of Matt With Marjory Stewart-Baxter.
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  1. wademaster's Avatar
    awesome guys!! keep it up!!
  2. NSTIGATR's Avatar
    Awesome. Send me a pm when yal go next time if ya want another man and another yak!
  3. jpshen76's Avatar
    Great job ! let me know if you need advice/help next time