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Jordan Lake-November 5th

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Awarded by , 11-13-2006 at 10:23 AM (875 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by HOTSPOT
I took an old friend out today. Larry and I worked together many moons ago. He wanted to learn some spots and my technique for fall crappie.

We pulled up to our spot and I put 12 rods out. Minutes later, 9 rods went down and it was on. We cut back to 4 rods and it was all we could do to keep those 4 rods in the water.

We caught 110 plus fish in 4 hours. Larry kept 20 that were all over 12 inches for the frying pan.

Good times with an old buddy.


  1. StriperSniper's Avatar
    110 Crappie! Good job Spot. :cool:
  2. fishfrye's Avatar
    Love to Crappie fish, have any pointers on winter spots other than the bridges? I can do Ok in the early fall, but when they move into deeper water, if they do, I can't seem to find them. I keep blaming it on to the changing weather through out the colder months, but I don't know.

    Great blog, I have caught a few strippers but no GREAT days.