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Wilson Creek 11/23/12

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Had a nice morning on the water. Was on the water by about 7:30 and off the water by shortly after 10 just before things got too crazy for my liking around there.

Hooked into more chunk male brookies than ever before. They have to be brood stockers. Most of them has some fresh wounds. Also caught a nice brown towards the end of my adventure. Probably my best Wilson Creek brown.

Every fish today was taken on a red Squirmy Wormie. Started out with glow blue and then an orange and finally started getting into them with the reds. The brookies would chase down the worms and nail them if they made it past them on the drift. Caught a couple of small rainbows, another small brown and a couple of there small brookies to end up with a hat trick for the day.

While preparing for a camera shoot of the last brookie I was hunched down in a couple inches of water and lost my balance. In slow motion I fell over backwards and got some nice cool Wilson Creek water in the back of my waders. The best part was feeling that water hit my feet at the bottom after standing up! It took it a little bit to get down there because of my pack that doubles as a wading belt but when it did, brr! Did manage to save the camera though. It was about the only thing that didn't get wet. Good thing it wasn't a cold day. I guess it is time to really save my cash and get a water proof fishing camera.

Here is the proof.

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  1. pantherdev's Avatar
    Very nice looking fish you have. Wilson Creek you say? Hafta look that up.