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Flyfishing day 2

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Not to be deterred by yesterday's lackluster outcome, I regrouped this morning armed with every piece of flyfishing equipment/flies/tippet in my possession and my kayak. I headed out to a larger stream that hopefully would make me less visible and would accommodate a my floating tackle box. The first order of business upon my arrival was to adjust tippets sizes on my leaders. I attached some 1x fluroflex on my #7 rod and 3x on my #5 rod.

The first leg of the trip was an upstream paddle up a hydroelectric impoundment backwater. I tested the water with a spin rod in this backwater and quickly hooked a trout but lost it. Soon I was back to flowing water. I seemed not to be getting much action from #5 rod armed with #8 black bugger. Threw a plug, hooked and landed a plump 12" bow. I sized up the situation and decided I should tie on a #4 Olive bugger on the #7 rod w/#8 line. The thick head on the line was kinda stiff due to the cold and after some altercations, I started to get in the groove. Finally a bow came and became hooked for a brief moment. Soon after I hooked another bow #2. This one was the most unusual colored bow I have seen . It had only about a dozen spots and it's back was gold instead of silver. Perhaps it was a result of a genetic mutation or perhaps someone turned some cutbows loose. I took a pic but forgot to push the save button..oops. It was about noon and things really turned on for about an hour. I caught two more bows, one streambred and one holdover. Also caught two browns, and a Northern Hogsucker that was about 15" long. All of the trout very plump except for the bow in the pic. The #4 bugger saved the day.

Later in the afternoon, I encountered the prettiest water on the river. Rapids, deep underwater ledges and boulders but no trout. There had to be some chunks in there so I tied on a #2 streamer that was about 4.5 inches takers. Unfortunately the bite had ended but at least I know where to start my next trip. This was the first time I have ever fished this section of river.
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  1. pantherdev's Avatar
    Looks like you made some good choices. Pretty fish.