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Fishin the high water

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With all this rain we've been having, i've been itching to get out and do some fishin, but the water levels just haven't permitted me to do so. so being an old bait fisherman, i decided to head out anyways and just throw a rapala in the deep holes of one of my favorite hatchery supported rivers here in nc. after an hour or so throwing the sin stick, and it only producing one strike, i decided to slow down a bit and grab the fly rod for a double nymph rig. boy am i glad i did. so i drove on up the river to one of my favorite sections and started fishin. First fishable hole i came to produced a really nice bow, a lil over 20 inches, on a rubber legged stone. then my fishin blood started working, and it turned out to be a good day. after nothing else in the first hole was cooperating, i fished a nice long run with lots of moving but fishable water in the head of it. i could see a monster bow hanging out, but after i missed him on the first cast, he wasn't having anything to do with my flies. so i moved on up to the moving water, and caught a really cool looking brown. it wasn't large, but had a line on him that divided him into the two different typical colorations of wild browns here in nc. these fish are around, but not really all that common, so i snapped a couple pics and moved on up. the next hole only produced several small bows, nothing really worth getting a pic of, so i just moved on up to the "honey" hole. after sneaking up on the bank to get into casting postition, it wasn't long til a real nice bow took my san juan and immediately took flight, straight up in the air. really cool to see a large fish jump, a rarity really, and it made my fishing get that more intense. having worked back up to my vehicle, i decided to jump out and head on up the river to one of my favorite wild trout feeders. this produced a ton of smaller bows and browns to maybe 13 inches, but nothing really picture worthy. it was starting to get a little late, so i decided to head back to the "honey" hole and see if any more fish were hanging out in the hole. boy am i glad i did. the next 30 minutes were spent fighting monster bows, trying to coax them to the net, which was WAY too small for the fish. only caught 4 trout in those 30 minutes, but the smallest was 18 inches and the biggest was just over 23, and was TALL and FAT. after landing the 23 incher, i decided that was enough for the day, my arm was tired, and i figured i would end on a high note. before anyone accusses me, i was fishing public hatchery supported water that is right beside the road, no club or fed fish here. overall one of the best high water bow days i've had in a couple years, if the water would ever go back down, i'd be heading back to cast at em again. sorta a shame i had no one to take pics with me, these pics really dont do these fish justice, and i really didn't want to put them on the sand, but it was wet and the only way i could get pics, too big to hold out in front of the camera. tight lines ya'll, hope everyone is having a good winter.
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