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2-15 Beginner's luck!

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Awarded by , 02-20-2013 at 10:54 PM (1129 Views)
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Welcome back everybody... this site going down had the world going crazy! Meteorites hitting the earth... snow the day after it was 70.... and then the craziest thing of all. My buddy had been asking me to go fish for a little while now, hadn't been since he was a really little kid and had never caught a bass. Took him out to my honey hole, he missed a couple bites on minnows and about an hour in I caught a nice 4lb fish on a squarebill. Another 2 hours of him not catching anything and we went to get lunch and I decided to change it up. Drove to bond park got some shrimp hoping he would get a catfish. To spidey and slowride i was gonna message you but couldn't with the site being down. Anyways I give him a beetle spin to play with and he had actually gotten his cast down really well for it being the first day. A little bit later I hear him reeling against the drag (which was set really loose) and he thought he had something but it was hung on a log. About 10 minutes later I hear the same thing.. As I start to walk over I tell him to stop reeling and I hear a familiar BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ as he yells ITS MOVING! I look over and sure enough his rod rip is bucking and I see the familiar swirl of a big basses tail... didn't realize quite how big until it got close to shore after coaching him through getting it in. I half jumped in the lake to land this fish and was absolutely stunned. A 10# class fish on 6lb fluoro a light action ugly stik and a green johnson's beetle spin as his first ever bass. What are the odds and how does that even happen.... He put his picture on the bassmasters page on facebook and it was chose as the big fish of the week and is nearing 4,000 likes so some of you may have already seen it. Heck of a day for sure and something he'll never forget. He lives right on falls lake and now wants to go fishing almost every day and i'm sure as soon as this weather clears up i'll go with that! A couple quick pics and off she swam!!

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  1. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Omg!! Excellent job there!!
  2. tcfisherman's Avatar
    great job guys, she sure is purtty, lol
  3. riverbum's Avatar
    Did u say this was Bond Lake in Cary? Great catch!
  4. only_1_flip's Avatar
    nice catch!!!