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New Hope Creek report (2/21/2013)

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paddled a canoe into the mouth of New Hope Creek yesterday afternoon, hoping to find some white bass staging there before they begin their trip upstream. looks like the big females haven't moved up in the creek yet, altho it's always possible some have already gone upstream.

Did manage to catch 2 small males whites (small and no roe). But real story is that i found other bass willing to bite. Just a few moments after i arrived, i snagged a nice 2lb 10oz LM bass on a small bomber crank. steadily picked up 2-2.5lbs bass thru the afternoon -- totaled about 6 by end of day. several were some variety of "red eye" bass -- all were short, very thick and either full of roe or gorged with food. most caught on either the bomber crank or a small square-lipped KVD crank; all fish hit in the channel or edge while crank was slowly banging along the bottom or against structure. would let the lure make contact, then slow retrieve down as much as poss to keep it in contact with bottom/structure. it was great fun on an UL spinning rod. i weighed the 2.10lb fish with my digital scales 'cause i would have guessed the fish weighed 3-3.5lbs -- all the fish fought really hard and led me to think they were much heavier than they actually were.

some photos below:

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  1. dbeam's Avatar
    Those are some chunky fish. It looks like a nice spot to spend a few hours.