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Salem Lake 3/16/13

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I hit up Salem Lake today. The fishing was slow. I don't have a depth finder but a guy in a motor boat told me the temps were varying anywhere from 49-53 and it was stained. He said he had caught two small largemouths off a bush in 8 ft next to a channel 12ft deep. I was trolling a short billed rappala crank bait. I got one strike but it didn't even feel like a strike it felt more like i was hung up. I started reeling and the line started dancing and I finally got it to the boat. It was a nice 23in. hybrid.
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  1. Jeffonc's Avatar
    Beautiful fish - Congrats!
  2. oldreb1343's Avatar
    nice fish brother aint never been hyper for stripper but im startin to get the urge to go do it have any tips on how to get statrted
  3. Pesky's Avatar
    Nice fish, and outback ;-D