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Bedding Bass?

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Went out to good ol Wal Mart today and picked up a couple of new Chatterbaits..another chartreuse with a gold blade since my other one is already hammered..and a black and blue Chatterbait..I've used these lures in the past and to be honest after a few fish and a few snags those lures are about ready to retire..thanks to a tip on nc angler I went out and bought 1 new Chatterbait last week and nailed 3 pigs on it throughout the week..
1st one weighed 4lbs on the 1st day of spring,
2nd was 3.8 oz on the 21st
and the 3rd was caught today weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces using a creature bait trailer..
I caught another bass on my new black and blue Chatterbait today as well that weighed 6 POUNDS 10 OZ!! nice chunk!
I also lost a nice 2 pounder today as well..the bass came out of a pile of sunken branches right in front of me and swallowed my black and blue Chatter I went to set my hook and pulled the bait right out of its mouth! haha
but all fish were caught in the shallows I believe they were bedding but im not an expert so any advice would be great..what made me think that was that I can see these what appear to be beds made up of flooded grass,fresh algae blooms and they have dark tunnels running through the beds to passage ways under tree roots or the bank itself..and im finding both males and females staging around them..are what im seeing bass beds?not sure but im nailing huge bass all around them
thanks for reading folks..happy fishing!

pics are of the 2 bass I caught today 3-23-2013

5lbs 6oz on a chartreuse Chatterbait with creature trailer
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6lbs 10oz on a black and blue Chatterbait with Yum crawdad trailer
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