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Fooling the fish on April Fools Day 4/1/13

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Long fishing day. Got on the water just after light and fished til almost dark. Ended up with 14 fish.

11 bass, 3 crappie

This was one of the best quality days fishing that I've had yet. I used 3 different Rapala cranks to catch all 14 fish. One bass was around 6lbs give or take, several 3-4lbs, and quite a few 2lb fish. The crappie were even nice sized. One of the bass only had one eye, good sized fish, but skinnier than it should've been. I'm totally amazed at the effectiveness of the Rapala cranks, they're my favorite lures. I caught all fish on wood or near rock. I lost what felt like a very nice fish when it broke me off and stole one of my lures. Missed a couple others but it happens. Also got pretty sunburnt too, lol. I'm absolutely exhausted as I type this thread out, the yak and the sun have drained me. Good fishin fellas.....

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