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White Bass 3-30, 4-3

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Awarded by , 04-03-2013 at 10:36 PM (1423 Views)
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Fished Saturday from 9 to 3 didn't catch large numbers but the ones we did catch were massive.
Fished this afternoon til dark. Caught quite a few but all were small. Fished the same areas as Saturday.
Did see a lot of dead fish in the shallower water. Not real sure why dead ones were showing up.
Both trips were from the boat.

Here's a couple of pics of the big ones from Saturday.

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  1. Blind Squirrel's Avatar
    Im glad to see you found some and big ones it looks like I was the guy in the Gheenoe we only caught 2 all day
  2. abice's Avatar
    wow really nice fish!! that looks like the Neuse river, is that where you caught these white Bass?

    did you keep these? if so how are White Bass good tasting?
  3. Vikingned's Avatar
    Driver, that is one **** of a fat, sweet looking, white bass...congrats!
  4. Vikingned's Avatar
    Why is H E L L stared out? No, I didn't use the F bomb...LOL